No Monday Blues

I do realize just how lucky I am. I text every client after every visit. On Monday’s the responses that I receive back from my clients seem very different from other days. When I get one of those responses back I call it the “No Monday Blues”
I remember back when I use to work in timeshare, after a great weekend off, it was just plain hard to be motivated to go back to work. Then when I would go in and it just seemed that things would go wrong and I just couldn’t wait to get out of there.
I noticed that on Mondays when I send my clients a video of there critter on our dog walk, it makes their day. It seems like a small thing but I know that it turns out to be a big comfort for most.  I guess it makes my clients realize, that at the end of the day they have a wonderful loving pet to go home to.
Today I took video’s of Oliver in Altamonte Springs and this little guy loves the camera. He knows when he is being taped and puts on the best show. I will add footage of Oliver at a later time for you all to enjoy.
Then it was off to Longwood to see Stella. For some reason  she was in a hurry today. She had me trotting to keep up with her. At first, I couldn’t figure out what the hurry was all about. Then I remember I mentioned the secret word “threat”.
In Longwood I also spent time with Foxy, Cocoa and Rane. All chihuahua’s. I sent their mom video of them. It always brightens up my clients day when they see their critters on their dog walks. Being a pet sitter means no Monday blues. Love it.

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