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I was reading some interesting facts that I thought I would share with you all. The first set of facts is about obesity in cats. Reading these facts made me immediately think of a cat that I pet sit for in Ocoee. His name is Rascal and he currently weights 28 pounds. At his heaviest he was 32 pounds. He’s trying to lose weight but as most of you know it’s easier said than done.
1- 41 veterinarians across the U.S. were surveyed in 2011
2- obesity in cats has surpassed obesity in dogs
3- 24.8% cats are obese
4- 21.3% dogs are obese

I'm not getting out of this sink lady

I know we were told our Lab Booker was overweight and it took a few months to get his weight under control. Booker was diagnosis with diabetes. Did you know that diabetes can be inherited? That was Booker’s case. Thanks God for weight management food and Insulin.

The second set of facts I don’t necessary agree with. They are the top 10 clumsiest dogs. Now you all know I have dog walks everyday, so I have the opportunity to see clumsy first hand. Being a pet sitter, I have met just about every breed of dog out there. So a few of these listed breeds, I may have a few things to say about.
Top 10 Clumsiest Dogs
1- Chocolate Labrador
2- Stafford Bull Terrier
3- Rottweiler
4- Spring Spaniel
5- German Shepherd Dog Cross Breed
6- Cocker Spaniel
7- German Shepherd
8- Golden Retriever
9- Border Collie
10- Yorkshire Terrier

German Shepard

Obi taking a break from being clumsy. I wouldn't have him any other way.

I will say this I know a Rottweiler named Bretta in Altamonte Springs and she is not a clumsy girl. I also dog walk a German Shepherd in Apopka named Obi. He is a funny clumsy. Ike and Chandra also German Shepherds in Orlando are clumsy. I mean that in a very fun way. They are so much fun, all over the place and will knock you down with sheer excitement. So bottom line if your critter is clumsy it’s an asset not a fault.

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