5 Irish Dog Breeds

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would share the  list of the top 5 Irish Dog breeds and a few facts about them. As I was on my dog walks today, I realized that I only pet sit for two terriers. Oliver in Altamonte Springs  and Nikki in Maitland are both part Terriers. I just thought I would have more than that. I hope to one day have all beautiful Irish breeds on my client list.

Irish Terrier

At number 1 is the Irish Terrier. This terrier’s nickname is Daredevil. Did you know that? It is one of the oldest terrier breeds and very loyal and friendly. In World War 1 the Irish Terrier was known for saving lives by guarding campsites and delivering messages across enemy lines.

Number 2 is the Kerry Blue Terrier breed. The Kerry Blue Terrier gets its name from a county in Ireland and because of its blue tint hair. The breed is very versatile and can hunt on land and water. He also is a great guard dog for farms and homes. Their best trait is herding and driving sheep and cattle.

Number 3 is the Irish Setter. Well you can’t miss their beautiful red coat. Perfect St. Patrick’s Day dog right? Not much is known about their history. All we do know is they were developed during the 1700’s. One thing is for sure they are so friendly and loving.

Number 4 is the Irish Water Spaniel. The Irish Water Spaniel dates back to the 7th or 8th century. How cool is that? They are a very big dog with tons of history. Loving and loyal and always ready for a swim.

Number 5 is the  Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. They have been in Ireland for over 200 years. They are hunters and guard dogs and control the rat population. They are an excellent companions and very playful.


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