Black Dog Syndrome Not What You Think

I’m a strong believer in rescuing dogs and cats. As I was doing a little research this past weekend, I was shocked to find out some very interesting facts about BBD, Big Black Dogs. In particular black labs and black lab mixes. I have a black lab named Booker and I have never viewed him as anything but the most amazing gentle dog. I pet sit for several BBD. I immediately thought of Ike and Chandra in Orlando that I do in home pet sitting visits for. Pet feeding time with them is an adventure. Ike and Chandra are BBD with tons of energy and get real excited when it’s feeding time. They like to jump on me to make me speed up the feeding process. It works.  Another BBD that comes to mind is Bretta in Altamonte Springs. She is truly a loyal and gentle dog to Jodi and her siblings, Brie and Bella. Bretta is the perfect example of how a BBD can get alone wonderfully with tiny dogs. BBD are extremely loving and are just as wonderful as lighter color dogs.

Our Gentle Giant Booker

Did you know that there are many preconceived notions and negative opinions about BBD? Black labs and/or black lab mixed breeds are the last to be adopted at the shelter. They are usually over looked  for flashier prettier light color dogs. Some say it’s because they shed. Others say it’s because they get to hot to fast because of the black coat. Their coats are so beautiful and shiny. As far as the shedding, get a de-shedding comb. They work.  BBD are doomed once they enter the shelter and are being euthanized at a horrifying rate.

Beautiful Bretta Enjoying Her People Watching

There are so many diamonds in the rough out there needing a forever home. Don’t overlook these amazing BBD.  If you only have one dog and are considering getting another, don’t let the size intimidate you. BBD are gentle giants and your little one will adore them as well. Everyone needs a companion, especially when mom and dad are not home. Remember pet’s lower blood pressure. Give a BBD the  loving miracle of a forever home.

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