Meet Baby Wilbur The Juliana Mini Pig

Wilbur was born January 17, 2012. He is just like the title says, a Juliana Mini Pig. Wilbur is no ordinary pig, he is very special . Wilbur is an orphan.

It all started in January of 2012  about a week after Wilbur was born. To keep an eye on the new borns, Wilburs breeder that night put them in the main house with her. Now this breeder has been raising and breeding Juliana mini pigs for 30 years and adores them. Her farm is full of them. In the earlier morning hours the breeder could hear her dog constantly barking. It alerted her that something was terribly wrong. So she went outside and once around the corner to her horror the barn was completely on fire. She quickly called 911 but it was too late to save all of the pigs. Wilbur’s mother perished in the fire along with so many others.

When Dayna from Sorrento first heard the story she had tears in her eyes. The breeder told Dayna that is was just so devastating to hear the screams of all the pigs fighting for their lives. She lost mothers, fathers, babies and pregnant pigs too. The next day her neighbors spent the whole day burying all the pigs. I can’t even imagine going through something so horrible as this. What a terrible lost she suffered.  The breeder raised Wilbur and his siblings until they were ready to find forever homes.

My first pet sitting visit with Wilbur


Now the uplifting part of the story. Wilbur is happy as can be. He has Dayna as his mommy and 9 doggie brothers and sisters, 8 goats brothers and sisters, 2 brother cats, a girl monkey sister, 3 zebu’s brother and sisiter’s, a hampster brother, 4 finch brothers and sister’s,  brother and sister rabbits and a fish brother. Right now he weights about 3 pounds and can get up to 20 pounds. He fits right in at the farm. He loves to snuggle with all the dogs. Mostly Nola and Simon. He has one blue eye and the other is brown. He is super smart and is potty trained. Pigs are the 4th smartest living thing only behind a human, the chimpanzee and the dolphin. He’s learning how to sit up and loves his food. His favorites are veggies, pig grain, fruits and yogurt for treats.

Wilbur Kissing Nola in Sorrento

As I was leaving Longwood to go and meet Wilbur for the first time, I was picturing a tender quiet moment that Wilbur and I would have together. No that didn’t happen. He is not use to being handled, so naturally when I picked him up he really protested. Very loudly, but I couldn’t help myself. He is just so adorable. I held him till he stopped squealing and sang to him. It’s the first time I have every held a pig that small and let me tell you he’s  got a set of lungs. He is also very fast. I would never be able to catch him in an opened field on one of my pet sitting visits.  Needless to say, I love this little guy. It took about 2 minutes of holding him for me to fall for him.  He is so sweet and squeezable.

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