A Happy Ending

Not all my days as a pet sitter start off great. It all started on Thursday morning. I took Heidi’s doggies to AVS in Maitland.  As soon as I walked in , a women holding her dog caught my eye. The dog was shaking like crazy and the women told me that she found her in the morning that way. So I sit down to wait for our turn and this little Maltese caught my eye. I asked the gentleman what was wrong with his doggie and he told me that something happen to his dog back legs. He placed the dog on the floor and he could barely balance on his own.
At this point I was getting so upset just looking at all the pet owners with their pets and the fear in their eyes. Not knowing and the fear that nothing can be done is what a mom or dad fears the most. Then this lady walks in holding her doggie all wrapped in a blanket. She drove all the way from Ormond Beach. She was hysterical. She told me that her dog was outside and when she call her to come back in, she came back in dragging her back legs. The dog was completely paralyzed from the waist down.
I couldn’t take anymore. Finally we saw the vet and got out of there. I decided to do my dog walk right there because we were there for quite a while. That’s when I saw this older man holding his small dog in his arms and crying. I felt so horrible for him. He told me that his beloved dog was jumping up and down and several disks were damaged. The dog is only 4 years old. The vet told him that she has to be put to sleep. The sight of this man holding onto his dog, kissing and singing to her will be etched in my memory always.

Oliver aka "Pumkin"

I cried all the way back to Heidi’s house in Maitland. Then I was off to Altamonte Springs to see Oliver for his dog walk. When I opened the door I told Oliver I needed to be  cheered  up. Well he did just that. He licked my tears and rapped his little paw’s around me as if he was truly hugging me. I stop crying and started laughing. It was an awesome dog walk because Oliver made me realize that all dogs no matter how long they are with us bring something so special to all our lives. Critters are the joy of our lives and the heartbreak of our lives but I would never be without one in my life.

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