Athena Wants A Forever Home

Athena is currently living with Dayna in Sorrento. Dayna is a loving foster mom and Athena loves all the other pets on the farm. There is very little information on her. Dayna is meeting with the rescue group on the 14th, so hopefully they will be able to provide more information on her.


So far we know that she came into the rescue with another dog. She was adopted out and recently returned. The people who had adopted her have a very active Great Dane. Athena is more of the leisurely type. They wanted a Dane that they could take to the park and have it play with there Dane. They felt that she was not the best match for their Dane , so they returned her.

She is a very healthy girl with a beautiful chocolate coat and a small patch of white under her neck. She gets along great with other pets and is a little shy and very gentle. Even around Dayna’s smallest Chihuahua, Gris Gris who is about 4 pounds , Athena is very gentle and careful around him. She is potty trained and so well-behaved.

When I first met her on one of my pet visits, she was a little frighten but she came around and was very obedient to all my commands. We don’t know if she was abused or not. She is afraid of men. She just walks away in the other direction. I have spent a little more time with her and she follows me all over the place but does listen to me. She is a very well-behaved dog. As soon As I get more information I will post it.

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