Puppy Breath

This pass weekend was full of great news. I first got a phone call from Dayna in Sorrento that was getting another baby monkey. A girl. She wanted Francesca to have a playmate. I thought what a great idea. I have not met her yet but I will soon and will get some pictures as well as a video. Next I got a text from Megan in Longwood. Telling me that Stella is going to have a baby brother. I knew that I would meet him on Monday for our dog walk. Megan too thought it would be a good idea for Stella to have a playmate.

Stella(left), Ernie(center) & Scout(right)

Now Stella is our little princess and she has a routine with me and she normally does not like to share me. Before I can even take her on her dog walk, I have to give her tummy loving and then I pick her up and we look in the mirror and I ask her “who’s the pretty girl right there” She knows who I’ m talking about. Needless to say Stella was not herself today. She didn’t like that I was holding Scout. Scout is a toy poodle, very tiny, sharp teeth and full of energy. He is simply adorable.


So I took them both out at the same time and Scout did great on his leash. It’s new to him but he is a smart dog. Once we got back into the house, he was jumping and chewing on my clothes, shoes and fingers. Once he settled down, I put him back in his crate and gave all my attention to Stella. She approved. I think he is perfect for Stella even though she doesn’t know it yet. It was a totally blast today and nothing can top puppy breath.

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