Today was an eye opener for me. Something was in the air when I arrived to do all my dog walks. It all started with Obi in South Apopka, he was doing his usual running around and showing off for me. Then I said to him it’s Friday, it’s the weekend mommy and daddy are going to be home soon and you’ll have plenty of playtime with them. Well by his reaction, I thought he really understood what I had said to him. He went nuts trying to get to the front door. He paced back and forth until I finally got him to go on our dog walk. When I left, I looked back at the house and there he was looking out the window waiting for mommy and daddy’s arrival.

Scout 12 weeks old and smiling

My next walk was Oliver in Altamonte Springs. For some reason I thought of Obi and what I said to him. So after Oliver’s dog walk, I said to him it’s the weekend time for mommy to come and spend lots of time with you. He went crazy running around in circles, jumping from the couch to the chair over and over. As I left Oliver’s he sat right next to the door that goes out to the garage. He never does that.  I asked him if he was waiting for mommy and he barked at me. I took that as a yes.

When I got to Stella’s and Scout’s house, they were so ready to go out for their dog walk. Especially Scout. He is just a puppy and potty’s a lot. After Scout’s doggie feeding and potty run, I turned all my attention to Stella. I asked her if she was ready for the weekend. She got so excited and howled at me. It was so hysterical. After a while I would just say mommy daddy weekend and she knew. Stella is only barks outside on our dog walks. She only howls when she’s inside.

Scout Shouting TGIF WOO HOO

All I can say is that there are some pretty smart dogs that I walk. I can ask questions and I do get an answer. The answer may be a bark, a howl , a run, a circle or a jump but I get an answer.

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