Moving Into The Barn

Today was an early day for me in Sorrento. I had to go out and feed all the critters. Feeding the dogs is total mayhem at times but feeding Wilbur is just plain fun. He is now considered a baby big boy. It’s official he has his own piggy run in the dog/goat barn. As I look at him this morning, he was all cozy in his little bed and sound asleep. That didn’t last long because once he heard me, he started going crazy with the “feed me now” squeals. He loves his piggy grain and his warm vegetables. As he’s eating I get several squeals of approval.


Maggie and Wilbur. He is soooo sweet.


Wilbur Eating in His New Piggy Run. It is so Big and He Loves It.


Now Dayna is going to introduce Wilbur on Wednesday to all the goats and all the dogs. Wilbur has met a few of the dogs and goats but not all.  Of course the goats and dogs are always separated because they don’t all get along. This meeting is a big deal because it will determine which group Wilbur will become a part of. I have my money on the goats. I’m looking forward to putting a piggy leash on Wilbur and taking him for dog walks or pig walks. Right now if I let him loose in the big yard, I can never catch him. He is so fast and only likes to sit on your lap. He hates being held. It’s always a little sad we one of Dayna’s babies graduate to the barn because it means their growing up.

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