A Farewell To Nikki

It’s a blog that I really avoided. It means it’s real when I put it into words. Nikki has passed away and I miss her tons. She battled like I have never seen a dog battle. Below is a farewell her beautiful mommy Heidi wrote. Heidi and Gussie are very sad and are trying their best to adjust without Nikki. Please keep them in your prayers. My dog walk in Mailtand won’t be the same.

Nikki after her surgery. Eventhough she had a arm removed she got around just fine. I think she was faster at times.

Dear Friends and Family,
As most of you know, Miss Nitty has completed her life journey and is ready to take on new spiritual opportunities. I was blessed to have her in my life for 12 unbelievably joyous years.  She taught us all how to love unconditionally and she protected her family at all costs. Miss Nitty was an amazing dog who will be remembered for her lively spirit, happy disposition and unparallelled determination.
I want to thank everyone for their love, support and compassion as I endured one of the most difficult times in my life losing my treasured furry friend.  Miss Nitty will be missed by all, but I know her spirit will live on and on…….
I thought you might enjoy the attached poem two different people emailed/gave me and a final Nitty picture. 
Much love,
Miss Nitty’s Mama-Heidi XOXO
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