Snuggles update

Everyone still ask about Snuggles. Here’s an update.   He is happy, healthy and always with Spotty Spots. The problem now is to stop him from eating too much. He loves to graze and eat eat eat. it could become a problem if he gets to big because of the extra strain on his other front leg. So far he is fine with his weight.

You would think with only 3 legs that would slow him down but he can keep up with the other goats just fine. He loves the farm in Sorrento and he still loves to be picked up and of course snuggle with any available neck.


Look How Big Snuggles Is Getting

Snuggles (Left) & Spotty Spot (Right) Always Together


When I go over for my pet visits, he follows me to the front pasture and he talks to me the whole way there.  His coat is so beautiful, soft and shiny.  The instant you look at it you can tell he is a healthy boy. He is not as big as Billy, Percy or Rhett but he’s the perfect size for his 3 legs. The other goats treat him the same and of course his best buddy Spotty Spots thinks he’s the coolest. As you all know Snuggles has stolen my heart. I love when I’m at the farm and shout out his name and he answers. He is so special. I wish all of you could meet him. Here’s a current picture of him and Spotty Spots. Spotty Spots refuses not to be in the picture. Their a package deal.

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