Three Rescues

Today was like a Monday. I was super busy all day long with no break. I had the usual add ons. No matter what, I do everything in my power to accommodate my clients request. Today was no different.
Dayna called and I could tell by the sound of her voice she needed my help. She needed me to go to her vet and pick up medicine for one of her newest rescues. Then she needed me to go to her mom’s house in Longwood and pick up three rescue pups. I was in. Two of the dogs I have never met, so I was excited. I picked them up and we were off to Sorrento to the farm for our first dog walk together.
Mater, Oscar the pug and Bentley a mixed dachshund were the best travelers in my pet sitter mobile. Once we were at Dayna’s they were so happy to get out and go on our first official dog walk together. These three never knew each other and all got along extremely well. I was so impressed at how well-behaved they were. We enjoyed getting to know each other on our dog walk and I got the seal of approval. Lots of kisses.
This is just one of the many pleasures of being a pet sitter. I am truly blessed. As soon as I receive more information on these three precious rescues I will post it
for all to see.

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