Adoption Updates

This is the current status of Bentley, Oscar, Athena, Reggie and Mater.

Bentley had a few issues with his surgery at the vet in Longwood. Nothing they did wrong, he just got an infection and Dayna had to rush him to the emergency vet in Casselberry once she discovered he had a 106 temp. He was already on antibiotics but his incision had to be reopen, drained, cleaned and retreated. He is doing amazing now and is in his new forever home  with his new mommy in Orlando. Hooray for Bentley. Update from yesterday. Bentley is back at the vet and has to have a drain in his scrotum. If things don’t get better it will have to be removed by the end of the week. Keeping out fingers crossed and praying that he recovers and no more surgery. He’s been through enough.

Oscar is still looking for a forever home and there is someone interested in him. He is a pure bred pug. He has a little cough and is on antibiotics. I loved pet sitting for him the other day for hours. He is completely potty trained and listens so well. I had not had a single problem out of him. When I picked him up he laid his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. My  pet sitter heart melted away and I teared up because he was found as a stray. So much love to give. This is a prize dog like I have never seen before. He is currently in Sorrento being loved  by Dayna his foster mommy. I will post more later on Oscar.

Athena is a Great Dane and currently has an application on her. She is a very shy gentle giant. Loves other dogs and is completely potty trained. All the times I had a dog walk with her she was so mindful. As big as she is, sometimes I didn’t know she was there.

Reggie is coming back to Dayna’s. He did get adopted but the families other dogs did not want him around and kept attacking him. He is a gentle natured and a happy-go-lucky dog, so it was not the right atmosphere for him. He gets along well with people and other dogs and cats. This was not his fault. Reggie is now looking for the right forever home. We will not give up until we find the right match for Reggie. Update from yesterday. The folks who adopted him are just completely in love with him and have decided to get professional training to hopeful have all the dogs get along and it work out. The prospect of giving him up was too heartbreaking.

Mater aka Colt was adopted the other day. He was the 4 month old pup that Lake County Shelter was going to put down. He is happy to be with his new family and is so grateful to Dayna because she saved his life and found him a loving forever home.


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