Two Girls For Wilbur

Meet Petunia and Paisley. They both have two very different stories but now have a new home in Sorrento. I like to call them Wilbur’s new girlfriends. Once they meet Wilbur will be so excited to spend time with them in the yard. I knew he is over the goats picking on him.


Petunia’s Story:

Petunia was born on January 14th, 2012 from a not so wonderful breeder. Since she was never sold she spent the first 5 months of her life in the back of a trailer that was enclosed on all sides except for one back side was open. When Dayna went to get her it was a hot and smelly. Believe it or not what you think about pigs smelling bad is wrong. They don’t smell bad and do like clean bedding and such.  She was in a very small pen with 3 other pigs. The rest of the trailer had 2 moms with 8 babies each. She was cheap because the breeders just wanted to get rid of her to make room for more babies to sell. She has a skin infection all over that requires a special bath and lotion. She also has coccidia which requires med for 21 days and isolation from Wilbur and Paisley. She is sweet but has a fear of humans because of the lack of contact. So Dayna and I are going to change all that for her. She will be loved and given lots of attention, so that she knows she is safe. Dayna is working on getting her healthy in order to get her spayed.

Paisley’s Story:

Paisley is only 17 weeks old. The family that had her had to give her up because the mom had to go back to work and just didn’t have the proper time to care for her anymore. She is potty trained. The other day I took her for a dog walk “aka” pig walk and she was just like a dog. She followed me out the door and went to the grass and made potty. She also uses the litter box. Pretty awesome right? She is super smart and is so gentle and loving. She answers to her name, lets Dayna and I pick her up with hardly any fuss, and comes when you call her. She loves to be around people and will follow you all over the house.  She use to sleep in the bed with her other family, so Dayna let her sleep in the bed with her and not a single accident. She just slept through the night. She has a few skin issues and needs to be spayed. He previous family never had her vaccinated, so once the vet gives the all clear she will get vaccinated. This is a real special little girl. I look forward to many more dog walks with her. Sorry pig walks.

Paisley. Hope she and Wilbur hit it off.

Since posting this story Dayna found another home for Petunia. She and Wilbur just didn’t get along. We have high hopes for him and Paisley.

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