Rainy Dog Walks

With all this rain the past few days, I have learned even more about some of my critters that I take on dog walks everyday. Most despise the rain, while there are a  few exceptions out there. On Monday morning I arrived at Molly’s home for her dog walk in South Apopka. It was pouring. I don’t mind the rain. I look at it as I can always dry off. The dogs don’t care what I look like. That’s a good thing. Molly could have cared less that it was raining. She reminded me of a music video with the rain coming down and singing and dancing in it. She was so happy. It was play time for her. Our dog walk was a complete round the block blast and it brought the kid out in me again. As we walked I was jumping in puddles and letting the rain hit my face. It was awesome.

Then I went to see Oliver in Altamonte Springs.  He loves his midday dog walk around his neighborhood. I know he gets stir crazy and it’s his release to go on a dog walk. Even though it was raining, Oliver didn’t care. At first, he tried to stay under the umbrella and then I saw the light bulb go off. He realized how much fun he could have running in all the puddles and wet grass. He had a ball. When I got to his house the next day and it wasn’t raining, I could almost see his disappointment.

Oliver " I fear no rain "

It doesn’t have to be difficult to get your dog to go out in the rain and do his business. Make it fun. Let your critter know that it’s ok if they get wet. Remember there are doggie rain coats out there and there’s always a great towel rub down to dry your baby off.

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