And The Family Keeps Growing

I haven’t blogged in a while. I have been super busy with the summer time vacationers. For the past three weeks, I feel that I have been living in five different places,  Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Apopka and Sorrento. So I have decided that this is my last Monday blog for a while and will now do Tuesday and Thursday blogs only. Three blogs a week was just not working out every week.

I do have plenty of updates for you all. So here goes.

My daughter Christine moved out to an apartment in Orlando and with her went Dior our beloved Chihuahua Security. We miss her terrible and we know that she misses us but that’s another blog.

Once Chris was moved into her own place she adopted a black Lab. A puppy. His name is Chase and he is the most laid back puppy. He has so many similar traits to our beloved Booker. John and I feel just like grandparents but to the four-legged kind. Chris brings over Dior and Chase and sometimes her boyfriend Jimmy’s Boxer Bunker. That name is  for all you golf lovers out there. Now Bunker is a completely different personality from Chase. He is a little over a year old while Chase is almost 6 months old.

Chase and Booker

Bunker is full of energy on land and in water. What I mean by that is when he swims, he tries his best to run in the water. It is hysterical to see. Chase is working on being a water dog. He’s still young and that will come with time.

Bunker and Chase After a swim in the pool

We love when they come and visit. There’s so much excitement in the air. To watch them all get along and play is just so awesome. Being a pet sitter, I can say that it is so nice to see so many different types of breeds get along and play so well together. We now have even more reasons to look forward to Sunday family dinner. Critters everywhere.

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