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Joni, Maggie’s Critter Sittings other pet sitter has a beautiful gold-blue Macaw named Kandee. I wanted to share Kandee’s story with all you bird lovers out there. I went to Joni’s home to  interviewed her  and found that Kandee’s story was very interesting with a few pieces of drama.

Kandee playing with her toys


Kandee is 27 years old and Joni got her at the age of 18 months. Now at that time Joni had no experience with birds. She actually thought that she was getting a Cockatoo but once she met Kandee that all changed. At the time Joni was living in Cleveland, Ohio and was planning her move to Longwood.

Joni giving Kandee a treat


When she first saw Kandee, Kandee had a band around her leg. Joni later found out that it meant she was born and living in the wild in Brazil. So needless to say it took 9 months to earn Kandee’s trust. Being a bird that lived in the wild, Kandee would eat other birds, so her first meal that Joni gave her was a chicken leg. Well Kandee ate it and the bone. After that meal she didn’t eat for two days but eventually got back on track.

Kandee is quite the traveler. Brazil to Ohio to Florida. It didn’t always go smooth when traveling. TSA dropped her cage with her in it on its side. She was screaming and Joni witnessed the whole thing. I was traumatic for the both of them but Kandee came through it.

 One of the biggest changes Kandee went through was laying eggs. At 9 months she was laying eggs for the next 4 to 5 years. Then she stopped. Then she got sick and all of a sudden she started laying eggs again. None has hatched. It seems like a little drama and Kandee starts to lay eggs which puzzles Joni to no end.

Kandee goes to a special vet in Winter Park and is a healthy happy bird. When Joni takes her in she has to wrap her in a towel but the vet gets the job done. Some of her favorite foods are bananas, apples, grapes, pasta, sweet potatoes and  oranges but Joni mostly gives her pellets to munch on.

Throughout the years Kandee has extended her vocabulary. Macaw’s  have a vocabulary up to 25 words. Some of Kandee’s regular words are ” hello, go outside and come here baby” She also can imitate when a person laughs. Being a pet sitter, I love all critters . Not everyone has a bird that talks but could you imagine you critter being able to say a few words. How many of you would get in trouble. Ha.




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