Keeping Your Critter Safe On Halloween

Most critter parents will not take their critter Trick or Treating, but some of you will and I wanted to give you some tips in order to keep your critter safe. Some of you will have a party or take your critter to a party, so I think it’s important to be very safe. Your critter depends on you. 

Before getting a costume think it through. Some costumes are as cute as they can be, but are just not safe. When I was in Orlando the other day looking at costumes, I had to ask myself is my critters going to be receptive to this type of costume. I tried it on them to see if it obstruct their vision and caused any discomfort or stress.

 Know when to say no. Also, as you might already know, not all treats are good for the little guys. Chocolate is poisonous to critters. If you know or even suspect your critter has ingested chocolate rush them to the vet. Sugar substitutes such as xylitol can be dangerous. Being a pet sitter, I familiar with emergency pet clinics. There is a great emergency vet in Casselberry.  It is the Veterinary Emergency Clinic-Orlando. 

 Not all dogs are party dogs, the loud noise and large number of people can be stressful to your critter. If you do have a party put them in a different room and reassure them often. Just because there not participating in the party doesn’t mean to keep them isolated and ignored. Please remember that if they are mingling with your guests, that it is important that they have no alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can result in serious illness and even death. 

 Finally there’s the subject of fire. Small fires are very dangerous to our critters especially inside a Jack-o-lantern. Dogs wagging their tail can knock over the pumpkin and cause a fire resulting in an injury to your critter. Curious cats with prying paws can get burned by Jack-o-lantern as well. Just remember that critters always want to be included with the family pretty much no matter what the event, so just keep an eye out on hazards that could harm them.

 I want everyone to have a safe and fun Halloween. Remember send in your Halloween costume picture of your critter or critters, so I can put them up on the website. Send your picture(s) to

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