Halloween Critter Costumes

A few weeks ago I asked for my clients to send in a picture of their critter in their Halloween costume. Thanks to all of you who sent in a photo. As a pet sitter I can’t get enough of these sweet little critters.

Oliver looking good

Some of these critters I have written about before, so they may look familiar. The costumes are amazing and fit some of these critters personalities. Oliver is first up and whenever we go dog walking in Altamonte Springs he loves to chase squirrels. He looks great.

Oliver soo cute

 Up next is Brie and Bella of Altamonte Springs. Brie is dressed like a little devil. Don’t be fooled she is just precious and so good.

Brie as a little Devil

Bella her sister is a little shy but for from a bag of bones especially when I give her a treat. Get out of her way.

Bella as a Bunch of Bones

Next is Baz Maru from Orlando. He would like everyone to think he can fly.

Baz as a Bumble Bee

 Last but not least is Dior from Orlando dressed as a princess.

Dior as a Princess




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