Singing For Joy

Yesterday I had a remarkable day. Not only was the weather just beautiful, I had so many blessings that kept coming. On Monday I did a blog about Snuggles and his predicament with his nerve damaged leg. The response was just incredible to say the least. Family, friends, and clients all stepped up to offer support. 

 My first shock of the day was when I got to Oliver‘s home there was a donation made to Snuggles. I was squealing with joy. So much so that on Oliver’s dog walk I sang out loud his favorite song from his Mr. Santa toy ” you better watch out” I didn’t care that people walking by thought I was a little off, Oliver truly enjoyed it. He was smile and jumping alone with my singing.

Oliver aka "Pumkin"

Next I got a text from Bretta, Brie, and Bella’s mom in Altamonte Springs to pass by her home because she had a donation to give to Snuggles. I was overwhelmed with joy. Then the tears of gratitude started and I just couldn’t control it. I was texting in excitement, calling people to give them the amazing news, and just singing every happy song it knew. By the way I’m a terrible singer but your critters certainly liked it. Every single one of my critters I pet sit for has their own special song and when I sing it, they come running to me.

Bella and Briee Waiting For Me To Give Them A Treat


Beautiful Bretta Enjoying Her People Watching

The day ended with special time spent in Sorrento with Snuggles and Spotty Spots. I took a video of them and sent it out to a few people. Everyone said the same thing, how do you not fall in love. Three of my clients all said the same thing yesterday, that they rather give the donation to help an animal than anything else. Thank you all so much for your votes and donations. As a pet sitter I can honestly say my clients rock.

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