About Maggie


Mary Martin, Proprietor

Born and raised in the small town of Thibodaux, Louisiana, Mary Martin has always had a loving connection with animals. Growing up with four brothers and one sister, she remembers always having a multitude of animals in her family. Some of her favorite pets included two Chihuahuas, Chiquila and Chi Chi, a German Shepherd named Animal, a miniature poodle named Bridgette, and a toy poodle named Candi. She also had five cats: Snowflake, Pekkle, Mango, Kiwi, and Lily.

Mary moved to Florida in 1993, where she worked in the timeshare industry for 16 years. After months of being unsatisfied with her job, mixed with the declining state of the economy, she decided to pursue something more fulfilling. Finally, after months of searching for something that would make her truly happy and excited to go to work every day, Maggie’s Critter Sitting Services was born.

Mary currently lives in Sorrento with her husband. She has two beautiful daughters, three affectionate dogs, one amusing cat, and a tankful of fish.

Meet the family…


Loving husband, John


Daughter, Caitlin


Daughter, Christine

There’s No Place Like Home

Your pet deserves a personalized, nurturing, loving, and safe environment. Whether you are traveling for business, fun, or just working long hours, we can help care for your pet right in your own home. A regular routine in their environment, where they are most comfortable and happy, helps your pet avoid the stress of unfamiliar surroundings. Your pet’s daily routine will remain unchanged. This includes their diet and exercise, as well as any medications they may require. We also spend quality time with your pet – playing, petting, and loving them – so they receive personal, affectionate attention while you’re away.  Its peace of mind for both you and your pet!

We are also happy to keep an eye on your home at the same time by providing services such as bringing in your mail and newspaper, alternating lights, opening and closing curtains and blinds, watering plants – activities that give your home a lived in look.

You get trustworthy, professional pet care when you can’t be there!

Maggie’s Critter Sitting Services, LLC, is fully insured, and is a member of the Pet Sitters International (PSI). You can be confident that your pets are being cared like we care for our own.  We are also trained in pet first aid and CPR.  Your special needs pets can be assured we will safely and lovingly administer medications, subcutaneous fluids, and insulin injections. Transportation service to and from your veterinarian or groomer are also available.

Check out our service area to see if Maggie’s Critter Sitting Services comes to your area.