Reggie’s Back

Reggie had to be returned to Dayna’s foster care in Sorrento. He was adopted by a family in Orlando that lived in an apartment that was just too small. The family truly did love him and was heartbroken that the landlord would not let Reggie stay. I will say that Reggie is completely potty trained. He has not had one single accident which is a pet sitters dream. Not to have to clean up pee. He loves to go outside and explore and can even pick up the pace if you’re a fast walker. He is amazing on our dog walks. He is not aggressive with people at all but he has the look of a protector. Reggie came from a high kill shelter. We are looking for a forever home for him. Just a reminder he is current on all his shots and has been fixed. Please share this with friends or family they just might be interested. He is a very loving dog.

Reggie Looking For a Forever Home.

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Oscar The Pug

My name is Oscar and I was saved by Dayna from being put down a few days ago. I heard them say I was a stray.  I don’t know why my mommy and daddy did not come to find me. I’m told what a good boy I am. I don’t make potty in the house. I prefer to do it outside.  I really do like to listen to you because I know it makes you happy. I love all people and children. I also love other dogs and cats. One of my favorite things is to be held so I can put my head on your shoulder and fall asleep. I give lots of affection because I love to see people smile.

Right now I live in Sorrento with my foster mommy. I enjoy when Maggie comes over for our dog walks. She tells me all about the other critters she pet sits for and I listen to her. She tells me I’m the best listener. Won’t you please let me into your life so I can love you.

Hugs, Licks and Kisses, Oscar



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Adoption Updates

This is the current status of Bentley, Oscar, Athena, Reggie and Mater.

Bentley had a few issues with his surgery at the vet in Longwood. Nothing they did wrong, he just got an infection and Dayna had to rush him to the emergency vet in Casselberry once she discovered he had a 106 temp. He was already on antibiotics but his incision had to be reopen, drained, cleaned and retreated. He is doing amazing now and is in his new forever home  with his new mommy in Orlando. Hooray for Bentley. Update from yesterday. Bentley is back at the vet and has to have a drain in his scrotum. If things don’t get better it will have to be removed by the end of the week. Keeping out fingers crossed and praying that he recovers and no more surgery. He’s been through enough.

Oscar is still looking for a forever home and there is someone interested in him. He is a pure bred pug. He has a little cough and is on antibiotics. I loved pet sitting for him the other day for hours. He is completely potty trained and listens so well. I had not had a single problem out of him. When I picked him up he laid his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. My  pet sitter heart melted away and I teared up because he was found as a stray. So much love to give. This is a prize dog like I have never seen before. He is currently in Sorrento being loved  by Dayna his foster mommy. I will post more later on Oscar.

Athena is a Great Dane and currently has an application on her. She is a very shy gentle giant. Loves other dogs and is completely potty trained. All the times I had a dog walk with her she was so mindful. As big as she is, sometimes I didn’t know she was there.

Reggie is coming back to Dayna’s. He did get adopted but the families other dogs did not want him around and kept attacking him. He is a gentle natured and a happy-go-lucky dog, so it was not the right atmosphere for him. He gets along well with people and other dogs and cats. This was not his fault. Reggie is now looking for the right forever home. We will not give up until we find the right match for Reggie. Update from yesterday. The folks who adopted him are just completely in love with him and have decided to get professional training to hopeful have all the dogs get along and it work out. The prospect of giving him up was too heartbreaking.

Mater aka Colt was adopted the other day. He was the 4 month old pup that Lake County Shelter was going to put down. He is happy to be with his new family and is so grateful to Dayna because she saved his life and found him a loving forever home.


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Three Rescues

Today was like a Monday. I was super busy all day long with no break. I had the usual add ons. No matter what, I do everything in my power to accommodate my clients request. Today was no different.
Dayna called and I could tell by the sound of her voice she needed my help. She needed me to go to her vet and pick up medicine for one of her newest rescues. Then she needed me to go to her mom’s house in Longwood and pick up three rescue pups. I was in. Two of the dogs I have never met, so I was excited. I picked them up and we were off to Sorrento to the farm for our first dog walk together.
Mater, Oscar the pug and Bentley a mixed dachshund were the best travelers in my pet sitter mobile. Once we were at Dayna’s they were so happy to get out and go on our first official dog walk together. These three never knew each other and all got along extremely well. I was so impressed at how well-behaved they were. We enjoyed getting to know each other on our dog walk and I got the seal of approval. Lots of kisses.
This is just one of the many pleasures of being a pet sitter. I am truly blessed. As soon as I receive more information on these three precious rescues I will post it
for all to see.

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The Frat Boys

Do you every wonder what your dogs do while your away? Well Shelbie and Gene don’t have to wonder anymore. Shelbie called and asked me to pet sit for the boys. They live right around the corner from me in Maitland. Now Qb and Baxter are good little boys. They have never given me any kind of trouble before. So when I walked into the house to take the boys on their dog walk, I was taken aback by what I saw.

QB and BAxter The Frat Boys


Garfield The Accomplice

Obviously, I was not invited to the party  the night before. The first thing I saw when I walk into the kitchen was a chair turned over and doggie poo bags all chewed up all over the floor. Then as I started to walk throughout the kitchen, that’s when I saw the throw rugs all over the place and bunched up. Of course water bowls were turned over and it looked like they may have had some type of races going on with the water bowls. Maybe even a slip and slid game going on.
As I walked to the patio, I discovered the cats food bowl all chewed up and stashed in a corner. That’s when I spotted Garfield , who looked like a very guilty accomplice. Next I went into the bedroom. All the pillows were thrown off the bed and the bed looked like it was used as a trampoline. Everything was knocked off the night table except the lamp.
After discovering all of this and getting over my shock, I asked “who did this” I have never seen a cat and two dogs scatter likes roaches. I told them and their parents that the house looked like a scene from a frat party. Evidence was left everywhere. It was a real good laugh. Now their new nicknames are The Frat Boys. I can only imagine what they will think of next. To be continued…

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Stella Update

Stella is doing much better. Her back surgery was a success. That was so scary. I was able to spend a good amount of time with her and Scout in Longwood when her mommy Megan was out-of-town recently. She still is in recovery mode but that will probably last up to six months. Her stitches are out and the incision is healing incredible well. No more pain meds.

Stella Sitting up and Getting Better Each Day

The problem is that she has cabin fever. She sees Scout running and playing and having a blast and she wants in on it. What her mind thinks and her body will do are two different things. It’s not easy keeping her calm. She is in her cage but that doesn’t necessarily stop  the once in a while jump of excitement.

I notice that when I walk through the door for our dog walk, she gets so excited because she thinks it’s the day were going on a big dog walk around the neighborhood. I feel so bad because we can’t do it. I know she misses certain things about our dog walks especially the ducks at the lake.

For now she has to be kept calm and as still as possible. From what I see everyday, she is improving. What a remarkable surgery AVS in Maitland did. Stella can walk and is on the road to recovery. Please keep our little diva in your prayers. Here’s a recent photo with her stitches out. Looking good girl.

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Snuggles update

Everyone still ask about Snuggles. Here’s an update.   He is happy, healthy and always with Spotty Spots. The problem now is to stop him from eating too much. He loves to graze and eat eat eat. it could become a problem if he gets to big because of the extra strain on his other front leg. So far he is fine with his weight.

You would think with only 3 legs that would slow him down but he can keep up with the other goats just fine. He loves the farm in Sorrento and he still loves to be picked up and of course snuggle with any available neck.


Look How Big Snuggles Is Getting

Snuggles (Left) & Spotty Spot (Right) Always Together


When I go over for my pet visits, he follows me to the front pasture and he talks to me the whole way there.  His coat is so beautiful, soft and shiny.  The instant you look at it you can tell he is a healthy boy. He is not as big as Billy, Percy or Rhett but he’s the perfect size for his 3 legs. The other goats treat him the same and of course his best buddy Spotty Spots thinks he’s the coolest. As you all know Snuggles has stolen my heart. I love when I’m at the farm and shout out his name and he answers. He is so special. I wish all of you could meet him. Here’s a current picture of him and Spotty Spots. Spotty Spots refuses not to be in the picture. Their a package deal.

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Colt’s Chance At Life

Last week I got an urgent text from Dayna who at the time was in California, that she needed my help. I was already  at her home in Sorrento doing my regular dog walk. So I thought I was where I needed to be. I was wrong. She told me that Lake County’s Animal Shelter was over full and they were getting ready to put to sleep some dogs.I was shocked to find out these dogs were only 3 and 4 months old.

I basically dropped everything and raced off to the shelter. Dayna gave me the number of the dog that I need to rescue that was going to be put to sleep the very next day. He was in cage 45. As I walked through the shelter,I could see that they had every cage full and more dogs waiting behind this curtain waiting their turn to be put in the “display cage” That’s what I call them. Don’t get me wrong the folks who work there are so nice and helpful.

It broke my heart to know that these dogs just want to be loved and their life clock was ticking down. As I approached number 45, I remembered Dayna said he was only about 4 months old. What a beautiful boy he was. So I asked if I could spend some time with him. He was a little scared but warmed up pretty fast. He was so gentle with eyes that said “Thank You” for finding me.

Today I was able to pick him up and bring him to his foster mommy Dayna. Here’s his first official picture. The day I met him I just thought of the name Colt. Colt needs a forever home. Over the next few days Dayna will evaluate him and  more gather more information about him. That way we will know the best type of home he can go to. Stay tune for further updates on Colt.

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Alert Reggie Needs A Forever Home

 Help us find a forever home for Reggie. Just a little update. Reggie loves to play with other dogs and gets along very well with cats. He loves to play with them but sometimes they don’t want to play with him. He has not had any accidents inside Dayna’s home and he sleeps in the house with her. He is so good he waits to go out to potty. He currently is in Sorrento and Dayna is his foster mommy. This is a great great dog. Gentle and so well-behaved. This is a pet sitters dream dog walk.
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A Farewell To Nikki

It’s a blog that I really avoided. It means it’s real when I put it into words. Nikki has passed away and I miss her tons. She battled like I have never seen a dog battle. Below is a farewell her beautiful mommy Heidi wrote. Heidi and Gussie are very sad and are trying their best to adjust without Nikki. Please keep them in your prayers. My dog walk in Mailtand won’t be the same.

Nikki after her surgery. Eventhough she had a arm removed she got around just fine. I think she was faster at times.

Dear Friends and Family,
As most of you know, Miss Nitty has completed her life journey and is ready to take on new spiritual opportunities. I was blessed to have her in my life for 12 unbelievably joyous years.  She taught us all how to love unconditionally and she protected her family at all costs. Miss Nitty was an amazing dog who will be remembered for her lively spirit, happy disposition and unparallelled determination.
I want to thank everyone for their love, support and compassion as I endured one of the most difficult times in my life losing my treasured furry friend.  Miss Nitty will be missed by all, but I know her spirit will live on and on…….
I thought you might enjoy the attached poem two different people emailed/gave me and a final Nitty picture. 
Much love,
Miss Nitty’s Mama-Heidi XOXO
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