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And The Family Keeps Growing

I haven’t blogged in a while. I have been super busy with the summer time vacationers. For the past three weeks, I feel that I have been living in five different places,  Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Apopka and Sorrento. So … Continue reading

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A Racoon A Trap And A Surprise

The other day I went to feed our cat Bootie. It was the same routine as usual but this day was different. Bootie’s food was all over the floor on the patio. I knew right away we had a visitor. … Continue reading

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Saving A Squirrel

Sometimes I just don’t know what I’m going to see when I walk into my back yard. We have an acre and towards the back it’s like a forest. I never go back there because I don’t want to have … Continue reading

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My Messy Day

Today was one of those hectic days. I had plenty of dogs walks plus all the extras. Like the saying goes “never a dull moment” That is what my day was full of. It’s challenging to go on a dog … Continue reading

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What’s That All About?

  I have chatted before about our Chihuahua, Dior. She is our security system. I even did a blog on Chihuahua security. Lately my husband has noticed a different kind of behavior come out of Dior that is directed at him. As … Continue reading

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Halloween Critter Costumes

A few weeks ago I asked for my clients to send in a picture of their critter in their Halloween costume. Thanks to all of you who sent in a photo. As a pet sitter I can’t get enough of … Continue reading

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Now Thats A Greeting…

What a welcome! One of the best things about having pets, especially dogs, is they are always happy to see you when you come home from work. If you ever had a bad day at work the best medicine is your … Continue reading

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Hungry Chihuahua Eats Poison

Yesterday started out no differently than any other day, until I heard my cat, Bootie voice his displeasure the instant I opened the door. He was not happy about his food and was letting me know he wanted something done about … Continue reading

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Mom Stepped In What?

As most of you know we just got back from vacation. While we were gone my mother-in-law watched our dogs. She lives right up the road and our dogs love going over to her place in Apopka.  She has lots … Continue reading

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How Did She Do That?

  I love a good trick. Half the fun of it is trying to figure out how it’s done.  One of our dogs performed a trick and I have yet to figure it out.  Our Chihuahua Dior, who shall I … Continue reading

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