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Two Girls For Wilbur

Meet Petunia and Paisley. They both have two very different stories but now have a new home in Sorrento. I like to call them Wilbur’s new girlfriends. Once they meet Wilbur will be so excited to spend time with them … Continue reading

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Moving Into The Barn

Today was an early day for me in Sorrento. I had to go out and feed all the critters. Feeding the dogs is total mayhem at times but feeding Wilbur is just plain fun. He is now considered a baby big … Continue reading

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Meet Baby Wilbur The Juliana Mini Pig

Wilbur was born January 17, 2012. He is just like the title says, a Juliana Mini Pig. Wilbur is no ordinary pig, he is very special . Wilbur is an orphan. It all started in January of 2012  about a … Continue reading

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Maggie and Wilbur

Baby Wilbur is doing just fine. He loves his new home on the farm in Sorrento. He loves to walk in the grass. Dayna and I are still working on getting him use to being handled. Thank goodness you can’t hear … Continue reading

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